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The Possible Complications of Breast Implant Surgery

Studies reveal that big busts are considered to be attractive by both males and females no wander it is the wish of every woman to have them large. One reason is that large breasts enhance the attractiveness of the slender and heavy features of a woman as long as they have low waist to hip ratio (WHR). However not all women would look amazing with large bosoms, for example women who have a high WHR would appear slightly amorphous if they had somewhat bigger buts. 


There is an ever growing craze among females to have buts that are slightly large and noticeable. This has seen those that naturally had tiny boobs go for breast enlargement to be like their counterparts who are blessed with bigger ones. While breast enlargement is a surgical procedure that is normally performed to increase the size of a woman’s bust using breast prostheses or implants, there are a lot of potential complications that can arise from this type of surgery especially if performed inappropriately. The following are the negatives of using breast implants for boosting bust size;


The most common concern for patients that have undergone this surgical procedure is that their breast implants would deflate either through a rupture of the implant shell or through a leak within the implant. There are several possible causes for rupture and the solution to this problem involves additional surgery to and replace the breast implant.

Hematoma and Seroma

Hematoma is a condition which is characterized by the collection of blood inside a blood tissue whereas Seroma on the other hand refers to a collection of the watery portion of the blood inside the blood tissue. Postoperative Seroma and Hematoma may result in infection and perhaps capsular contracture. Severe Hematoma and Seroma may require surgical drains so that the patient can heal properly.

Capsular Contracture

In this case, a scar tissue that normally forms around the breast implant tightens and then squeezes the breast implant. This then leads to an infection accompanied by symptoms such as mild firmness, discomfort, severe pain, movement of the breast implant and much more. To correct this, additional surgery is always necessary to get rid of the breast implant capsule tissue and perhaps the breast implant itself.

Change in Nipple and Breast Sensation

Taking into account the great changes that you are making to your buts, you should anticipate either an increase or decrease in feeling of the nipple and boob. This can range from intense sensitivity to no sensation which can be temporary or permanent.

Chest Wall Deformity

Also known as ”Breast Tissue Atrophy”, this condition may result when the pressure of the breast implant has caused the patient’s breast tissue to thin and shrink. This may occur following breast implant removal or while the breast implants are in place. 

Dissatisfaction with the Outcome

Cosmetic surgery does not guarantee enhanced beauty; the results can either be outstanding or unimpressive. The bad results may include wrinkling, implant displacement, implant palpability, incorrect size, unanticipated shape, hypertrophic scarring and scar deformity. All these are possible phenomenon which can come into play leaving a patient unsatisfied with their final result.

Additional Surgeries

The possibility that a patient who has undergone breast augmentation will have to undergo additional surgeries in their lifetime is very high. They will need to undergo other surgeries at some point to replace or remove the breast implant.

However, instead of exposing your body to all these risks in order to have a desirable bust size and shape, you can opt for natural alternatives such as Breast Actives to achieve what you desire. Breast Actives is a breast enhancement system that can yield the same results just as breast implant surgery. It is a do-it-yourself at home program that does not require a risky surgery, doctor’s prescription or medical assistance. The products used for this kind of cosmetic therapy are all natural and safe to use.

The system is a 3-step process that includes taking a daily supplement with water before or after the first meal of the day, applying a small amount of cream on your fingertips and appropriately massaging it into the breast tissue every morning and carrying out breast enhancement exercises that help develop shapely curves. 

With all these pieces of information at your fingertips, you can now make the right choice between breast implant surgery and Breast Actives programs to have attractively looking buts.

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7 Most Important Facts to Know About Women’s Breast Health

We need to think about the rising cases of breast cancer. The facts and figures indicate we got to be careful about our breast health. Before it gets too late, we need to know the essential aspects so we can prevent the growth of the cancerous cells and treat the condition when it’s still treatable. In America alone, doctors expect to diagnose 232, 340 cases of breast cancer in women in the 2013.


Some other statistics also claim that breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer after lung cancer. So that means women’s breast health is on high alert. However, how many of us actually take it seriously? Today we’ll reveal the 7 most important facts about breast health and breast cancer that every woman should know.

1. Active Life Keeps You Safe

One of the most reliable news sources has revealed that exercise can lower the risk of breast cancer in women. It could be due to the lower estrogen level in the body or reduction in fat level.

Doctors see hope in women who live an active life. A recent study finds that active women can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 30 percent. Even regular walking can also help women prevent the disease.

2. Breast Feeding Can Keep Breast Cancer Away

When we talk about prevention, it’s great to know that breast feeding your child can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

A study reveals that women who breast feed their child can reduce the risk by 25 percent.

Professionals tried to understand the connection between breastfeeding and reduced risk of breast cancer. They believe breastfeeding helps to reduce the number of menstrual cycles. As with every menstrual cycle the cells in the breast grow and divide, cell mutation can increase the chances of cancer.

3. Are You at The Risk?

How to know if you’re at the risk? What happens suddenly that you get suspicious about your breast health? The general observation says the young girls who have the first menstrual before the age of 12, and adult women who don’t have children or have their menopause after 55, are at higher risk.

The usual things you should look for are lumps in the breast or in the upper chest, changes in breast skin texture, sudden nipple discharge, any unusual pain in the breast, changes in size or shape without any reason, etc.

If you are considering the increase of your breast size, try to go for the natural ways of boosting breast size instead of breast implants that are known to raise the risk of cancer. 

4. Make a Smart Move to Detect the Problem Earlier

The most important thing is early detection. For that, you’ve to approach your health supervisor in case you notice any abnormality. For example, menstruation can be a cause for breast pain. So if you notice the pain around your period, and then it disappears, you may not need to worry. But if the pain continues for long, head to the doctor.

5. Vitamin D Can Protect You

Take vitamin D supplements. Studies confirm that a good level of vitamin D in the blood can reduce the probability of breast cancer. You can add vitamin D in your diet. Natural sunlight is beneficial for this purpose. Like women who get good exposure to sunlight are less likely to suffer from breast cancer than the women who barely get sunlight. Not to forget sunlight triggers production of vitamin D in the skin.

6. Go Easy with Alcohol

We know that addiction to alcohol is bad for anyone. But it’s especially bad for young girls. It looks like even moderate consumption of alcohol intake habits in young girls can increase the risk of cancer. Now that’s a bad news. A study on a group of women, who drank around 7 alcoholic drinks in a week, found that they had almost 11 percent increased chance of developing breast cancer.

7. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Healthy weight is also desirable for preventing this disease. Facts and statistics say that women who put on around 20 to 30 pounds had a higher chance of developing breast cancer. Fatty tissues are responsible for promoting estrogen in the body, which is believed to be one major reason for breast cancer.

So these were the most important facts to know about women’s breast health. Facts and Statistics say that we need to live a healthy life. To be on the safe side, keep a careful watch on your breast condition. Self test at home is an easy way to control the severity of the condition.

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